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0072 - St Athanasios of Paros (Parios) +June 24th

On the 24th of June we commemorated St. Athansios Parios a Saint with very close ties to Mount Athos and the Athonias Ecclesiastical Academy (Athoniada).

Our venerable and God-bearing St. Athanasius Parios, known as "Master of the Greek Nation," was a hieromonk who was an eminent theologian, philosopher, educator, and hymnographer of the eighteenth century. 
He was the second leader of the Kollyvades movement, succeeding Neophytos Kausokalyvites (1713-1784). He also wrote the lives of a number of saints.
Neophytos Kausokalivytis

In 1752, he traveled to Mount Athos and enrolled in the Athonias Academy, where he studied under Neophytos Kausokalyvites and Eugenios Voulgaris. 
Evgenios Voulgaris

At Mount Athos, he was ordained a priest by St. Marcarius of Corinth. He later studied at Corfu under Nikephoros Theotokis. 
The Old Athonite Academy 

Ruins of the old Athonite Academy

At Mount Athos, Fr. Athanasius became a leading member of the Kollyvades movement that began at Mount Athos in the mid eighteenth century. 
The group consisted of Athonite monks who adhered strictly to Holy Tradition and opposed unwarranted innovations. 
They favored frequent reception of Holy Communion, unceasing prayer of the heart, and insisted memorial services not be performed on Sundays, as it was the day of the Lord's Resurrection. 
Between 1767 and 1770, he taught at Thessaloniki, after which he returned to the Athonias Academy to become its director. 
As a member of the Kollyvades movement, he came under attacks by those who opposed the movement. 
In 1788, St. Athanasius moved to the island of Chios where he taught and served as director at the gymnasium until 1812. 
A leading educator and distinguished theologian, St. Athanasius revived the art of eloquent speech on Chios by teaching logic, rhetoric, metaphysics,and theology. 
After retiring, at the age of 90, as the Director of schools in 1812, St. Athanasius joined St. Nicephorus of Chios at the Hermitage of St. George the Refston at Resta, Chios where he spent his final days. 
There, he reposed in the Lord on June 24, 1813.

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