Monday, April 30, 2018

0068 - A rare book on Mount Athos from 1912

Upon searching the internet for various material and books related to Mount Athos, I came across this particular book which was for sale in a book shop specialising in old and rare books,  in the United Kingdom.

Of course, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to have it. I therefore purchased the book and will now share its contents with you over the next few posts.

 It looked quite intriguing and was perhaps the first album of pictures published concerning Mount Athos.
 It was first published in 1912, written and published by the Priestmonk Stephanos of the Holy Cell of the Apostle Thomas in Karies Mount Athos. Perhaps I could do some research on this cell and dedicate to it a post in future.
Upon opening the cover of the book I found a dedication dated 18th of January 1918. It seems as though the rest of the text is in French and I cannot understand what it says. Perhaps we have some French speaking followers that may be able to assist....


The book itself is in excellent condition, having of course the usual discolourations that a book of this age would have. 
I opened the next leaf and much to my surprise I found two documents inside. A telegram dated 1918 written in English with a very distinct cursive style which I cannot fully make out. 
From what I can decipher from the writing, it seems to be a description about a visit to the Holy Mountain. 

Underneath the Telegraph I found another document. This time it was a page from a newspaper called THE CHURCH TIMES and is dated April 17th 1924.
Upon closer inspection I found an article titled HOLY WEEK ON MOUNTH ATHOS - In a Self - Governing Church State. The article is written by W. A. Wigram see wikipedia link for his biography.

I couldn't believe my eyes, this was an unbelievable stroke of luck, having found within a historical reference book, further historical references relating to the most solemn and beautiful time on Mount Athos, that being Holy Week.

On the next post, we will explore the article written by W.A. Wigram in the newspaper leaf.

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