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0031 - The history of Athonias Ecclesiastical Academy "Athoniada" Mount Athos - Part 2

In 1821 the academy ceases to operate due to the Greek war of independence. At this point the last of the classes were held at the old site.

In 1842 the academy re-opens in Karies. At this point the old building near the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi was in ruins and very expensive to renovate. With many donations, a new building is erected in Karies in 1844.

Zoes Kaplanis and Eugenios Voulgaris leave a significant amount to the academy in their last will and testament's for the upkeep of the academy.
In this time many important and great monks taught at the academy. Bartholomew of Koutloumouseiou, Daniel of Pantokratoros, Christophoros of Prodromou, Chrysostom of Great Lavra, Joasaf of Great Lavra and many others.
A new period begins for Athoniada from 1930, when with the decision of the Holy Community, the scholl is transferred from its current buiding in Karies to the external guest wing of the Skete of St. Andrew (Sarai).

Father Athanasios of Pantokratoros, a Theologian and an enlightened personality of Agion Oros and its traditions, is appointed Dean of the academy. He was also renouned for his deep knowledge of law and administrative capabilities.

Unfortunately, he remains Dean for only 1 year.
His successor is Archimandrite Joacheim of Iveron who leads the academy for only 1 year, also.
Father Athanasios of Pantokratoros  then returns to and resumes his leadership of the Academy. Athoniada continues operating up until the beginning of the second world war in 1940. On the 3rd of October 1953, Athoniada re-opens under the leadership of Father Nathanael of Great Lavra.
 In 1967 Father Nathanael is elected Metropolitan of Kos, Dodecanese. The leadership of the academy is given to his Grace, Bishop Chrysostomos of Rodostolou, graduate of Athoniada and graduate of the Theological Seminary of Halki in Constantinople.

 During his tenure, the academy goes through a glory period and ends in 1988 when the leadership is taken over by Archimandrite Nikeforos Mikragianites (current Metropolitan elect of Central Africa).

He goes above and beyond for the continuation of the glory period of the academy. In 1997, he resigns, and for a small period of time, Father Meletios Sevastakis continues the leadership. A short time after, Archimandrite Gabriel Reppas of St. Nicholas Kellion, just above St. Andrews, is elected Dean of the academy. It is worth mentioning that Father Gabriel was a graduate of Athoniada and at the time a teacher of the academy.
In 2001 he resigns due to a multitude of reasons. From 2001 to 2008 the academy operates without a Dean and is lead by various graduates and former students which taught there.
 Currently, the Academy is lead by Archimandrite Ierotheos Zacharis, graduate of Athoniada, and teacher of Theology.


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