Friday, October 8, 2010

0030 - Our dear former principal - Newly elected Metropolitan of Central Africa.

Yesterday, 7th of October 2010, our dearest former principal of Athonias Ecclesiastical Academy, Archimandrite Nikiforos of Mikra Agia Anna Skete, Mount Athos was elected as the new Metropolitan of Central Africa by the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria.

All people who have met or have been guided by Fr. Nikiforos will agree with me in saying that he is one of the most outstanding fathers of our modern era known for his modesty, wisdom and leadership.
He guided the students of the Athonias Ecclesiastical Academy firstly as a teacher beginning in 1977 and then as Principal from 1988 to 1997. Many students benefited from his leadership, direction, compassion and strictness as a teacher and as a life guide.
Father Nikiforos is one of very few pioneers of Orthodox Ecclesiastical Education in our modern era. After Athonias, he led Ecclesiastical academies in Albania and Africa.

I was truly gifted by having Fr. Nikiforos as my Principal between the years of 1992 - 1996 at Athoniada. He has a teaching style and ability to convey his subject to students in a way, that would totally immerse you in the subject for the duration of the class.
Blessed are his future flock, clergy and laity, in his Metropolis of Central Africa, who are to have such a great figure of modern ecclesiastical education as their leader.

We pray that God gives him strength, endurance and further enlightenment to serve his Holy Metropolis.




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