Thursday, August 26, 2010

0018 - The Cemetery of Stavronikita Monastery over the last century

Below are some photos of the cemetery chapel of St. Demetrios of the Holy Monastery of Stavronikita, Mount Athos.
In the summer months, daily liturgies are held in this chapel after the orthros is held in the Catholicon.
It has surviving fragments of frescoes from the 18th century and has recently been renovated, as you will see below. In the new extension of the chapel, the frescoes were painted by the monks Zosimas & Prodromos of Stavronikita.

The following black and white photos were taken by Millet in the years between 1914 - 1918. 

The following photo shows the extension to the original chapel complete and the gate partially done. This photo was taken by Thodoris Lakiotis in 2006.

And finally, the gate complete! It looks amazing! I took the below photo in July 2008.

I must make mention to the works that are carried out and commissioned by the monks in order to restore these chapels which form part of our tradition and monastic culture. These brotherhoods inhabiting the ancient monasteries of Athos and conducting these works are restoring and maintaining the inheritance of all Orthodox Christians.

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