Tuesday, April 2, 2013

0062 - The Holy Icon of Panagia Fovera Prostasia - Holy Monastery of Koutloumousiou Mount Athos

The Holy Icon of Panagia – Fovera Prostasia is the treasured Icon of the Holy Monastery of Koutloumousiou of Mount Athos 
The Holy Icon is dated to the 13th or 14th century and is located in the chapel attached to the Katholikon (Main Church) of the Monastery. 

Tradition of the Monastery tells us that the Icon was the only item left un-scathed in a fire that ravaged one of the monasteries dependencies in Crete. When discovered it was immediately returned to the Monastery at Mount Athos where it is kept to this day. 

The Holy Icon has been attributed to many miracles over the centuries and even most recently. In the 14th century, Pirates threatened the Monastery. The Monks immediately rushed to the tower in order to defend themselves and began chanting their Supplication to Panagia Fovera Prostasia. An unknown force immediately scared off the pirates and they left the Monastery unharmed.  
A more recent miracle attributed to the Holy Icon, was in the early 90’s when the Monastery was under the threat of an out of control fire in the forest. The Fathers immediately took the Icon and led it in a procession around the Monastery. In a matter of minutes strong rain developed and immediately put the fire out which resulted in the Monastery being saved. 
Elder Paisios loved the Holy Icon of Panagia Fovera Prostasia very much. 

Every year on Renewal Tuesday (first Tuesday after Easter) The Holy Icon of Panagia Fovera Prostasia leads a procession around the Monastery’s grounds and returns the salutations to the Holy Icon of Panagia Axion Esti, which had visited the Holy Monastery of Koutloumousiou the day before.  


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