Wednesday, July 21, 2010

0011 - Unknown Cell on the road to Stavronikita Monastery

On our way from Karies to Stavronikita, we pass this cell which is located right on the road toward Stavronikita Monastery.
From a young age we explored this cell which has been overrun by the nature and is currently in ruin, however it seems as though some restoration work has been undertaken in order to protect the church of the cell.
It appears that the cell had quite a large brotherhood judging from the size of the church and buildings in the surrounds. I have also come to this conclusion after viewing the osteofilakio underneath the church.

Here are some photos of this cell.

One of the quite large surrounding buildings to the cell.

My cousin John amazed after seeing the monks skulls stacked up beneath the church, close up for the first time.

Another photo from the osteofilakio.

This is how the cell looks from the road. See the scaffolds and evident restoration attempt?

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