Tuesday, July 6, 2010

0009 - Father Tychon & The Holy Cell of the Precious Cross.

From the age of 12 when I first arrived on Agion Oros, the cell of Papa Tychon, The Precious Cross in the Kapsala region was always a source of intrigue for me and my fellow co-students who were appointed to the Holy Monastery of Stavronikita.
We spent countless hours wandering around the cell, it surrounds, and also with Father Symeon who liked to practice his english skills with us.
The cell is about a half hour walk from Stavronikita and is situated a very short distance from the cell of Father Symeon from Peru. I consider it one of the most beautiful parts of the holy mountain, the natural wild landscape and the peacefulness of its remote location awaken the senses and bring you somewhat closer to a state of total relaxation, allowing you to focus on bringing yourself closer to God.

For more information on the life of Papa Tychon, Geron Paisios's spiritual father see the below links in English and Greek.


Once again a special thanks to Giannis Kontsiotis who took the following photos from his visit to the cell on the 30th of June 2010.

For the original blog entry of Giannis Kontsiotis see below link:

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  1. Through the prayers of Father Tychon and elder paisios, lord jesus Christ save us.